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The Avalanches // Frontier Psychiatrist


Always have an escape plan!

i am positive creppymarru does this when he needs to go fas but car 2 slo


Always have an escape plan!

i am positive creppymarru does this when he needs to go fas but car 2 slo

what in the sam hill is wrong with me

i flew into a rage over a simple freaking comment yesterday and i have no reason why a harmless opinion drove me into buttmadland.

forgive me pls clover-pony

really am sorry i responded to you so childishly when all you did was express a frank opinion about something - something that in the long run was so incredibly unimportant it wasn’t even worth getting mad over

i really am sorry and you honestly didn’t do anything wrong or even relatively abnormal, i just took it the wrong way and …… sometimes jad can be less-than excellent to his fellow man. :c

i already restored most chat ability and whatnot i hope, and…. just….. wth was my problem i don’t even


i broke the rule: i got mad at video games

ugh how do people put UP with me sometimes?



Husbands can be incredibly helpful.

Bet they’d all make the best Dad jokes.

Remember the teachings of Bill Cosby. Dads/husbands aren’t dumb, but if they play dumb you won’t make them do more stuff.

“And my wife sent me to my room… which is where I wanted to go in the first place.”

street fighter is hard guise

It’s a show for kids!

last night a deer and her bebbeh stared at us from the roadside. They didn’t move or anything, they just stared.


This morning a horse and then a cow at the nearby ranch both stared at me on my morning walk to the park and back.


Again, no sound or activity, no chewing of cud or horsefeed as usual, just … standing at the fence. Staring. Plotting. Judging….

i’m not paranoid they’re up to something
something sinister, and devious. something quadrupedal.

I don’t do drugs. I -am- drugs.
Salvador Dali


Please watch this video of a corgi on carousel and never be sad again.

pembrokewkorgi may have seen this already but I had to tag ya just in case. It made me think of you RIGHT AWAY pem, sorry!. [also it’s rather obviously good in terms of corgi content.]

Things every artist should learn to do in order to improve:


-Learn to let go of your work. Sometimes we lose stuff. Sometimes art doesn’t get the grade you were hoping for. Sometimes your art is terrible. This is part of the learning process. Just remember though that art is a continual slope upward of improvement; ergo, if you try something once, and try it again later, it can only come out better.

-Realize your skill level is probably somewhere in the middle of two extremes. There is “never picked up a pencil” and “Leonardo da Vinci.” Statistically, if you do art professionally or as a hobby, or have picked up a pencil more than once, you’re probably in this middle group. With a whooooole bunch of other artists.

-Style isn’t really learned so much as how you interpret reality. How you personally translate 3D form into 2D shape. The more you practice and emulate other styles though, the larger your “artistic vocabulary” grows, and the easier it becomes to translate.

-If you can draw more than a stick figure you are doing just fine.